Healing Benefits of Oil

As per ayurveda, it is recommended to massage the whole body with oil before bath for better health, strong bones and beautiful skin. In today’s lifestyle oil has been replaced by chemical-loaded body lotions with promises of beauty and whiting. But before believing, just think once about that same body lotion: will you drink it or put it on bread? No, right?

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It functions as the necessary interface between the internal and the external environment. Your skin absorbs whatever you apply to nourish your bone and muscles.

Oil secrets for health and beauty

  1. Many of us experience cracking sound from bones. Cracking sound from bone is an increase of air (vatta) in the body as per ayurveda. Massage your body with oil before bath.
  2. Daily application of oil on your  body is a very organic anti-ageing remedy and also gives you a glowing skin.
  3. As per ayurveda, oil massage is the best remedy to keep the 80 types of disease away which occur due to increase of air (vatta): weakness, skin problems, joint pain, stress, depression, etc.
  4. Those who spent whole day in air conditioning or travel, must include oil application in daily life.
  5. If you want to be free from mental and physical stress (office stress, homemaker stress, or any other source), then oil application on a daily basis will relax your mind and body wonderfully.
  6. It is recommended in ayurveda that before yoga practice or any exercise one should apply oil.
  7. Small kids (1-5 yrs) and infants must get an oil massage at least twice a day for strong bones and muscles.
  8. Elderly/old age people also need daily oil massage for general well-being and keeping away old age health issues.

Which Oil?

There are many different kinds of oils available in the market but sesame and coconut oil are easily available (in India) and best suited for daily massage.

Those who have heat issues or get angry easily, should apply coconut oil because it’s a great natural heat protectant.

Take care of body and mind to enjoy and experience your life!