Viviana, Chile

There is no doubt that being in India changes your perspective about life. The fascinating culture and life in India leave a mark in your mind and soul. When I remember this trip, I can connect with the aromas, tastes, landscapes and the beauty.
It was an intense trip, but totally worthwhile! The teachers have a vast knowledge about the history, culture and geography of the country and are well versed in the spiritual traditions.

Aida, Chile

What an experience… We really traveled a lot of places through many parts of India. Even though sometimes it felt a bit tiring, the beauty of its temples, the history in every corner and the richness in their culture was priceless. I was pleased to see the balance between exploration and yoga practices. I felt that the hotels and attractions were well chosen and you could see the teachers took care planning every detail. Being a yoga practitioner myself, the stay in the ashram was invaluable. All in all, it was an enriching and meaningful experience, hard to sum up in a few words…

Yogesh, India

When i met Poojaji, it was a eye opening experience in terms of understanding the concept behind yoga practices. What one expects from a teacher is a thorough understanding of the subject and also knowledge of how to apply it. I think Poojaji has a ability to do both of this very effectively. I wish that like me, many more get benefited from her yoga practices. Thank you.

Himani, India

It is my first experience with professional yoga instructor and it is beyond my expectations. Pooja is really wonderful and had a great place for yoga and meditation too. Her posts related to your health and diet are very useful.